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.: Showing the Bolognese

Lottie competing in the best in show ring

For those who have never shown a dog in your life I’m sure it seems a daunting experience when facing your first show. Don’t be put off – you will find that there will be plenty of people out there who will be more than willing to advise you as to what to do on the day. There is a lot of information available on the net that you can read up on before you enter your dog into it’s first class. Best thing to do is to go to a dog show without entering and watch to start with. Talk to people but please don’t disturb people getting their dogs ready for the ring. If all else fails find an official on the day and ask them to explain what you need to do as a beginner (and no matter what, remember everyone started at the same point, no matter how impressive, experienced or official they look on the day)

As for myself I had not been in a ring for a good 25 years and had lost the hearing in my left ear since that time - so not good when you show your dog to a judge on your left side. Also because of the amount of years since I had last been in the ring it was impossible to remember all the jargon and the different classes, never mind presenting a small hairy breed against a smooth haired one Best Puppy in show. British Bolognese club show 2011after my experience of showing Great Danes (slight difference in size and coat). I’d also never had to present a dog on a table before – or just walk a dog round the ring rather than running, and as for remembering what you do when you are in there - well all I can say is – sometimes its worse having half a memory of something than learning from the start. But it soon came back, & so did the nerves at times. Strangely not at the Open shows but they did when we got to our first championship show to qualify for Crufts. Mainly because a few of the judges voices were so quite that I really struggled and I was just too embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves - so make sure you do - if you have not heard what they have said please please ask. Even now I still find it difficult at times to say - as I really don’t like making excuses - but when your deaf -- your deaf - what can you do. Simply show your dog on your left side and do what everyone else does. As time progresses you will get the hang of standing your dog in the best way you can to show it at it’s best and also how to hold your lead so that it doesn’t get in the way of the judges eye when looking at the dog. Pretty logical stuff but as I said we all get the nerves now and again so you aren’t alone if it happens to you just shrug it off and start afresh the next time you are in the ring. Main thing is you get to mix with lots of doggy minded people and have a really good day out and we do have a lot of fun so come along and have a go.