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.: Critiques & Breed notes

"...There have been a few wins at open shows. Newcomers to showing Bolognese, but doing very well with their little girl, are Heather & Bill Blakeway with Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake who recently went BPIS & RBIS at Merseyside Toy Dog. Heather was thrilled & is getting very keen on showing, although Bill will be handling at their next show"
reproduced by permisson, K. Begg.

.: Bolognese Club show April 2010 critique

PB 1st Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake. Very promising puppy. Good skull, stop and muzzle, high set ears, well carried. Excellent balance overall. Good moderate length of neck In balance with her head. Compact overall. Good front and rear. Balanced overall. Coat developing well. Smart mover holding her topllne and tail. Best Puppy in Show.
Mrs Brenda Banbury

.: Blackpool Championship show 2010 critique

JB 1st Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake, naturally reserved, but quietly dignified, I liked this bitch very much, sound, active mover, a pretty bitch that moved exceptionally well.
Mr Geoffrey Davies

.: Leeds Championship show 2010 critique

JB 1st Blakeway’s Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake, one of the best balanced, correct shape, compact & square, good wide skull, dark round eyes. Although would prefer her slightly shorter in muzzle. Strong topline with well sprung ribs, sound front & rear, coat in very good order, I think her handler needs a little more confidence. Once she settles down on the move I’m sure she will be considered for top honours.
Mr Andrew Stewart

.: Bolognese Club show April 2011 critique

PGB 1st Blakeway’s Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake, typical shape and outline, nicely balanced head with excellent eye, well placed and carried ears, unexaggerated neck and short back, good tail-set, ok in coat, moved and showed with confidence.
Dr. A.G. Schemel

.: Welks Championship show 2011 critique

PGB 2nd Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake, very relaxed young female who took it all in her stride. Slightly more substantial than some but of sound structure. Lovely thick coat of correct type but texture could be a little improved. Pigment very good, will do well as matures.
Mrs Fay Walker

.: Three Counties Championship show 2011 critique

PGB (4) 1st Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake, certainly had the edge with ring presence, movement excellent with drive from behind, mouth good, very flat skull, good tailset, dense bone & very good pigment with dark eyes & rims, lovely trimmed black pads, well groomed decent length flocked coat. Best Bitch & Best of Breed.
Mrs Chris Thatcher

.: Crufts 2012 critique

PGB (7,1) 1st Blakeway's Shiarita Springtime Dream at Bellablake. Well balanced in every way. Ideal head and expression, black pigmentation and correct spring of rib and level topline. High tailset, correct coat. Square bodied and she moved well. Reserve Best Bitch
Mr Albert Easdon

.: Brørup Dog Show (Denmark) November 2012 critique

Baby Class 1st Bicia's Precious Moments at Bellablake, 3 months old, extremely well proportioned baby with lovely head and expression. correct bite, good pigment. Solid neck. correct topline of good length. well placed and carried tail. Well angulated front and rear. Impressive body for her age. glorious movement. good temperament. Best Baby in Breed.
Mr Rudi Brandt

.: Manchester Championship show January 2013 critique

PD (2,1) 1st Blakeway's Bellablakes Marczipan Star. Lovely quality puppy, shown in beautiful condition. Liked his head & dark eyes very much, beautiful body, good coat, sound & showy. Would just prefer a little more length of leg. Won Best Puppy in Breed, liked him a lot.
Mr Derek Smith

.: Crufts March 2013 critique

JD (3) 1st Blakeway's Bellablakes Marczipan Star. Delightful dog with loads of type in conformation & coat. Enthusiastic mover, lovely head proportions & dark pigment complimenting his very good expression. Bright future ahead with normal development.
Mr Mark Burns

.: Three Counties Championship show 2013 critique

JD 1st Blakeway's Bellablakes Marzipan Star – a very sweet, good natured little boy, stood very well on the table. Very strong pigment eyes nose and pads. Lovely full coat which flowed well on the move. Flocking starting to appear. Well made little boy, with good muscle. Will mature nicely I feel
Mrs Fay Walker

.: Blackpool Championship show June 2013 critique

JD (1) 1st Blakeway's Bellablakes Marczipan Star. Balanced head, good pigmentation, excellent bite, strong straight front, well angulated muscular hindquaters, moved soundly & steadily covering the ground with purpose. Reserve Best Dog.
Mrs Val Blore

.: Blackpool & Fylde Toydog show November 2013 critique

OD 1st Blakeway's Bellablakes Marczipan Star. This 18 month old dog was a lovely example of the breed. He had a lovely head, great pigment & was a very nice shape. He was full of personality & he showed very well. His movement was very good & i loved the fact that he had a better build & plenty of drive from behind & a very good coat. A worthy Best of Breed winner.
Mrs Helen E Adamson

.: Manchester Championship show January 2014 critique

PGD (2) 1st Blakeways Bellablakes Marczipan Star. This little dog is small, white, square and had a distinctive coat, just what the standard calls for. He is lovely to go over on the table, he stands rock solid, very pleasing dark round eyes, black lips high set ears, wide flat skull with good stop. To be critical I would prefer a slightly shorter foreface. He carried his head high and proud on the move, well laid shoulders, front straight legs, well sprung ribs, strong hind quarters, level topline, good tailset and carriage. His coat was the icing on the cake, super fronding covered his body and snow white in colour. He was an excellent mover, very sound and eye catching delightful temperament. Best Dog and Best of Breed.
Mr Andrew Stewart

.: Crufts March 2014 critique

PGD (3) 1st Blakeway’s Bellablakes Marczipan Star, lovely dog, super head & pigment, great front & forechest, short back. Slight arch over loin & well carried tail. Excellent mover & especially good in rear. Coat flocking nicely too & good texture.
Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews

.: LKA December 2014 critique

OD (4) 2nd Bellablakes Marczipan Star - Reserve Best Dog – A lovely dog who is a nice size he has a lovely body good ribs and chest he has a very pleasing head nice dark eye, moved out with style and attitude.
Mrs Julie Sparrow

.: Manchester Championship show January 2015 Critique

OD (4) 1st Blakeways Bellablakes Marczipan Star, Just what I was looking for, a small, compact, well built & sturdy body, square in outline, shown in super condition, perfect head proportions & dark eye and pigment, nice front assembly, good depth to chest and moved with ease, was pleased to award him Best Dog.
Mr Terry Burgess

.: Blackpool & Fylde toy dog show February 2015 Critique

Open (3) 1st Blakeways Bellablakes Marczipan Star, another nice dog, balanced head, nicely constructed, good in neck and shoulders, in good coat, moved and showed well to get Best of Breed.
Mr Ken Bartlett

.: Merseyside Toy Dog show April 2015 critique

Open D/B (3) 1st Bellablakes Marczipan Star Very nice dog with lots of ring presence, good head and eye and ear placement, with dark pigmentation, excellent body shape and length of leg, well angulated hence good movement, level back, correct tailset which was carried well, shown in excellent condtion! Best of Breed. (Shortlisted to final 8 for best in show)
Mr S R Goodwin

.: SWKA October 2015 critique

OD (4) 1 Blakeway’s Bellablakes Marczipan Star, what wonderful back action, good for size & full of breed type. Long flocked coat. Has good eyes, well set, dense black pigment. Best Dog. 
Mr Kevan Berry